conjecture; i have many of these

is life about being young & pretending to be old & then being old wishing to be young?

scary to think about

so my lola (grandma), as a kid throughout high school, i was always pushed to a deadline, to always be up at a certain time & out the door early to be in school. & it wasnt just school, but to be present at dinner, to be asleep at a certain time, and its carried on to my thoughts. i feel like i always have to be somewhere at a certain time, always thinking ahead, behind, but never the present.

and i want to change that.  i want to embrace the present, i want to slow it down and enjoy the clear skies, to notice the deep hues of blue, blown out whites of the clouds because of the beating down of the sun, to observe the green of the greenest trees, smoke the greenest of the green.. trees.. hah..

because all we have is the moment right? im not saying blow off all your plans or forget your past.. just want to practice living in the moment more, to embrace and enjoy the moments where you stop and say, “damn, this is where i belong, this is where i’m supposed to be RIGHT NOW”.



life, worth living.

i get chills every time i see this.

there is something very powerful about a person/artist  that can convey so much emotion within a certain time limit, & its empowering to watch to get inspired. definitely a life-changing video, up there with bieber’s never say never.



huf team rider clint peterson. dope track to skate to too. still keeping the dream alive of skating around the world, barcelona doesn’t look that bad to skate or sightsee. last year of school, eye on the prize. cant wait!


abella anderson

oatmeal w/ honey & warm milk

apple movie trailers; our idiot brother, in time, red tails, the dark knight rises, kevin kart’s laugh at my pain


hennessy priv

fleet feet running insoles in nike’s lunar glide 2

lamborghini aventador

instagram’s gotham setting

30 seconds to mars unplugged

mayer hawthorne cover – when the night falls by chromeo

saying YES more than you say no

making lists, short-term goals & completing them


kevin durant dropping 66 in rucker

WATCH THE THRONE in 2 days/concert in chicago 12/1/11



Dope stop-motion edit.  Funny how my studying habits evolved from going to dusky old libraries by the train tracks searching for books to reference, jotting it down in my trapper keeper notepad to constantly multi-tasking on my laptop while reviewing a power point to bullshitting an ethical paper.  Times have definitely changed where i can find articles in 0.19 or less via google, have accessible tools such as my ipad, mbp, or iphone4,  currently have 20 tabbed windows spanning fashion, photography, sneakers, WSHH, youtube, writing a scholarly article on an ethical dilemma in obstetrics, uploading photos from my iPhone4, discovering new music, all during a “study” session.  It feeds to my “i want it & i want it now” mentality.. but we all know all worthwhile things are worth waiting for/working hard for/earning/deserving.. WELL.. i stumbled on this stop motion while doing all these things, hope it eases your mind, or mind fux you for the few minutes it helps you escape reality.

every, day, carry